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Let's Create Your Own Tiki Bar!

Let's Create Your Own Tiki Bar!

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For a shipping quote and to order, please give us a call at (313) 942-7194 or fill out our contact form.

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We can create a custom tiki bar especially for you and you’re specific dimensions!

 Designing your custom tiki bar is free! Your price will depend on the final custom design and dimensions. 

All that we ask is that you “give us a call” so we can scratch our heads together and come up with the perfect design for your area. We do this all the time for our customers who have individual needs and dimensions other than what we offer on our standard models. Or, you just may want one of our standard models but want it a little shorter, longer, wider or taller. We have always offered modified versions of all of our standard tiki bars. Just get your area dimensions and give  the owner, Jeff, a call at 313-942-7194 and get the margaritas ready!