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About Us


Meet Jeff. . . . Jeff loves his tropical vacations . . . . Jeff really loves the Caribbean. . . .Jeff especially loves sitting at a beachfront tiki bar with a cold drink in his hand and his toes in the sand!!! Ahhhhhhh.....While sitting at a tiki bar in Cozumel several vacations ago, he had an epiphany! Why did he always have to be on a vacation to enjoy the fun and relaxing feel of a tiki bar party? Build it and they will come! In 2011, he set forth to design and build a tiki bar for his daughter's graduation party. It was an immediate hit with friends, family and of course...with him! He knew then that he couldn't be the only knucklehead that wanted their own backyard home tiki bar or tiki hut.

Hence . . . . . . . . . . . White Sands Tiki Bars was born ! What started as a local Michigan business, quickly went national due to the solid construction and low prices. We ship anywhere in America and all are proudly MADE IN THE U.S.A!
​Our tiki bars, tiki huts and tiki cabana palapas are built strong with real bamboo and palm thatch direct from the jungles of Mexico and, just like the tiki bars and tiki huts on the Caribbean and Hawaiian beaches, designed with just the right mixture of shine and a rustic look. Our Michigan based business has gained national demand. We now ship our Florida tiki bars, New York tiki bars, Texas tiki bars, California tiki bars and everywhere in between. We will always keep our prices as low as possible because we know...Fun People hang with Other Fun People. Many of our sales turn into future sales from the same groups of friends. All of our tiki huts and tiki bars can be left up all year round. Just cover with a tarp in the winter where needed.

We also rent Tiki Bars in the southeast Michigan and Toledo Ohio area! They are perfect for graduation parties, a Hawaiian theme luau, parrot heads, tailgate party, company picnic's, tropical theme weddings, corporate events or any tropical theme party ! We are located in the Southeast Michigan. More specifically, in the Greater Detroit/ Downriver Michigan region in Taylor, Michigan.

Add a “Touch of the Caribbean” to your life year round with a White Sands Tiki Bar! It's like taking a vacation without leaving your home!