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It's outdoor party season. Whether it's for graduations or barbecues, having a tiki bar is definitely a showstopper for your next get-together. Our friends at White Sands Tiki Bars Sales and Rentals are ready to help you get your tropical party started. Owner and founder Jeff Lennon joined Tati Amare and Jason Carr at the tiki to discuss how he came up with the idea of providing tiki bars for backyards across the country.

Lennon said the motto for his company is "It's like taking a vacation at your home." He began the business in 2011 after sitting in a tiki bar in Cozumel, Mexico. Wondering why a tiki bar couldn't be in his own backyard, Lennon built a tiki bar for his daughter's graduation. He now ships bars all over the country. 

The company builds a variety of sizes that, according to Lennon, are easy to put together. Rentals are over half of Lennon's business, and the spring and summer months are his busiest times with graduations and corporate parties. The tiki bars are made from real bamboo from China and palm thatch from Mexico. The wood is treated and the tikis have been hurricane-proofed and can withstand 140 mph winds. Lennon said the company is based in Taylor but multiple states call for a tiki bar.

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