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How do the roofs handle the high winds and rain?

  • These are designed to handle the high wind and rain storms just like the tiki roofs in the tropics. Even the extremely high winds will naturally lift the “mexican palm thatch” up and pass right through. No more replacing umbrellas every year and wasting money!
  • See example of our Big Kahuna that survived a hurricane: Hurricane Big Kahuna

How long do Tiki Bars take to set up?

  • Most tiki bars can be set up in about an hour. Upon ordering your tiki bar we will send you an assembly video for your model. If you are located close to Taylor, Michigan we offer delivery and set up for an additional fee. Our tiki bars kits come in large sections that connect together so no worries of trying to put together hundreds of parts.

What to do with the tiki bar in the winter?

  • It can be left up all year round. Your tiki bar should be covered in the winter with a tarp and some nylon rope as pictured on the website.  If you have purchased a tiki cabana, cover only the thatched roof with a 10 x 10 tarp “ with grommets”. Run a few bungee cord through the lower side of the roof to connect some of the grommets and you are all set. This will allow the snow to gradually start sliding off and you will still have access to enjoy your hot tub in the winter months. If you have a tiki bar counter top with your cabana, this should be covered with a tarp for the winter as well. 
  • Also, all of our tiki bar structures can be broke down in about a half an hour if you would rather just store it in you garage for the winter months.

Does the tiki bar need to be anchored down?

  • No, unless there is a hurricane coming, these will not blow over even in extremely high wind storms. All are built solid and weigh several hundred pounds

How long will the Mexican palm thatch last?

  • After about 4 or 5 years, you will probably want to re-thatch the roof. After all, it is plant life and will not last forever. Of course, like everything that is left outdoors in the elements, your auto, deck, house, ect., Your tiki bar will need some T.L.C. as well. Please take a few minutes to watch our restoration video so you can see how easy it is to keep your tiki looking party ready!
  • We also recommend that you spray the top of the roof once or twice a year with a spray can of Thompson’s waterseal. It’s only about $8 per can. This will help prolong the life of the thatch by repelling the water.

Can I order just a roof?

  • Yes, we will custom build a roof for anything you like. Give us a call and we can talk about building something you'll love. We have had customers put a roof over their yard swings, playgrounds, and decks. 

Benefits of the tiki cabana for your hot tub or patio set

  • Helps to prolong the life of your tub cover/ patio set by reducing sun, rain and snow damage!
  • No more umbrellas to worry about and replace!
  • Provides plenty of shade and a tropical romantic atmosphere!
  • Provides soft lighting in the roof for your night time enjoyment!
  • You can still enjoy your hot tub even when it’s raining or snowing