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Tiki Bar Setup

We take pride in the ease of setting up our tiki bars. Whether you're renting or buying you'll be sipping on a drink in no time at your new bar!

Purchasing in Metro Detroit

  • If you purchase a bar in the Metro Detroit area we can come set up your bar for a minimal fee. This is completely hassle-free and will be done in under an hour by professionals! You can also come pick up your tiki bar or have it shipped to your house with instructions on how to set it up.  

Purchasing Outside of Metro Detroit

  • Upon ordering your new tiki bar we will send you a video with instructions on how to set up your tiki model. You'll receive your tiki bar kit in a crate which will include all parts in sections. Follow the video and everything should be set up in an hour! If you have any questions please contact us for assistance.  

Rentals in Metro Detroit 

  • We take care of everything for rentals. We will set up your tiki bar, bring decor to decorate, and bring stools to go around the bar. Then when you're rental is over we will come tear everything down. All you have to do is enjoy the party!