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Spring is Fast Approaching

Happy March, 2020 everyone ! Some of you have purchased a tiki bar from me and some have not. For those who have, Spring is just around the corner. Whether your White Sands Tiki Bar is in Michigan, Florida, California, New York or somewhere in between, it's time to give it a little tender, loving care. C,mon! This is like one of your babies and it brings you "soooo much joy and laughter" with your family and friends! Look. You spend at least 5 hours a year waiting in line to get your car washed, vacuuming it, cleaning the windows and maybe even shining the tires. All you have to do to keep your fun tiki bar looking good is spend about an hour on it twice a year. I have a White Sands Tiki Bars video that shows you how to keep it party ready when the elements take their toll on it. Check out the video below and feel free to contact me by email ( or phone ( 313-942-7194 ) anytime if needed. 

 Cheers! Jeff