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Pool and Hot Tub Owners

Are you a pool or hot tub owner? Both of these are big investments and for good reason. A pool or hot tub build an atmosphere for your backyard. Whether you’re hosting a pool party or just enjoying the sun with your family it’s going to be a good time! We want to add to the party with tiki bars and cabanas. How many places to you see someone have a tiki bar in their backyard? Not too often but if you did it probably caught your eye. At White Sands Tiki Bars we custom build tiki bars, tiki huts, and cabanas.

Our tiki bars are made with bamboo, wood and natural palm thatched roofs. The roofs are breathable and can handle strong winds or rain. We offer different sizes and styles to fit your backyard and preference. Our tiki cabanas are great for covering a hot tub and providing some shade during the hot days. We also offer cabanas with walls that can be used to place a drink or snack on.

Check out some examples below of how our customers have used White Sands Tiki Bars to create a tropical atmosphere right in their backyard!